Insert and Remove SIM Card and Memory Card on Sony Xperia M dual C2004 / C2005

Steps:  to Insert and Remove Memory Card and Micro SIM Card on Sony Xperia M dual C2004 / C2005.  Turn off your device and remove the back cover, then insert the memory card and the micro SIM card into the relevant slots.

1.  Remove the Back Cover


Insert a thumbnail into the opening, as shown in the illustration, then lift up the side of the cover.


Remove the whole cover.

2.  Insert the Memory Card


3.  Insert the SIM Card


Remove the battery cover, then insert the SIM card into its slot with the goldcolored contacts facing down.

4. Close the Back Cover


Place the back cover over the back of the device.


Press down the sides of the cover.

You can repeat the steps to remove sim card and memory card Sony Xperia M dual C2004 / C2005.



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