Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21I2 factory data reset

Performing a hard reset Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21I2.  Before you do a hard reset you should try first to do a soft reset. If you have to do a soft reset and did not resolve the problem , you can do a hard reset.

Some of the reasons to do a hard reset, your equipment does not work properly even if you have to do a soft reset. You are strongly encouraged to do a hard reset if you are going to sell or give your equipment to other people, to protect your personal data.

You need to remember that doing a hard reset will erase all your data including internal data and external ( memory card). Make sure before doing a hard reset to back up your data, do a hard reset after the data can not be taken back because the data is permanently erased.

Hard reset can be done in several ways, through the Settings menu, via hardware in case you can not access the Settings menu and the third way to enter code code, this means including the extreme way in which you have a code to enter the code and execute it, it will not no confirmation and choice at all .


Performing soft reset

If your phone hangs or does not responding, try to Press and hold power key about 10 seconds.  It will rebooting automatically.  Or try to remove and re insert the battery ( If It does not an embedded battery) and SIM Card.

Performing a hard reset

Warning! All data will be erased from device memory, including system and application data, settings and downloaded applications. Back up your important data.  The device will restore to factory settings.

  1. Press Home Key
  2. select Apps
  3. select Settings
  4. select Back up and Reset
  5. select Factory data reset
  6. select Reset phone
  7. select erase everything

Readers Comments (3)

  1. ple help me sony st21i2 hard reset

  2. alguém sabe me como formatar o xperia st21i2, quando ele é bloqueado depois de 20 tentativas de senha. Pq o meu bloqueou e não tem como fazer nada. Quem puder ajudar, desde já estou grato.

    • Talvez este artigo pode ajudá-lo, como todos sabemos Sony Xperia não inclui manuais ou combinações de teclas para executar um hard reset via hardware ou botões externos. Link acima irá guiá-lo para entrar em modo de recuperação. todos os riscos Torne-se de sua responsabilidade.

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