HTC HD7S T9295 Factory data reset

How to perform soft reset and hard reset ( master reset ) HTC HD7S T9295 via Settings menu and External hardware keys:

Hard reset via Settings menu

  1. select Apps from Start screen
  2. select Settings
  3. select About
  4. select Reset your phone
  5. select Yes. It will automatically be reset and may not function for up to 15 minutes

To avoid permanent damage to your device, do not restart your device while a reset procedure is underway.

Warning! All data will be erased from device memory, including system and application data, settings and downloaded applications. Back up your important data. The device will restore to factory settings.

Hard reset via external or hardware keys

Note: Ensure that the device is not plugged in to any charging source, as this will prevent a successful reset.

  1. Turn power off
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up/DOWN keys simultaneously, and then press and hold the Power key until the test screen displays.
  3. Press Volume DOWN to select FACTORY RESET and then press the Power button.

Only do this if you can not do it via Setting menu.

Performing Soft Reset

If your phone or tab hangs or does not responding, try to Press and hold power key about 10 seconds. It will rebooting automatically. Or try to remove and re insert the battery and SIM Card ( If available ).

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