Hard reset Garmin Nuvi 465 to Factory default settings

Performing a master reset Garmin Nuvi 465 to Factory default settings.  It will erase all data and also all entered truck profiles:

  1. Turn Power Off and unplugged from power
  2. Touch and hold the lower right corner of the screen with an index finger or the eraser end of a pencil
  3. Continue touching and holding the lower right hand corner of the screen then power the device ON
  4. Release the power button when the device powers ON
    • You will see a new message: “Do you really want to erase all user data?”
  5. Remove your finger from the touch screen when this message displays
  6. Touch Yes
    • If text language is not in English, this is the button on the right

The device will now reset. Follow the on-screen prompts and then place your device in an area with a clear view of the sky until it acquires satellites.

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