Hard reset Xiaomi Redmi Note with two metods

To perform a hard reset Xiaomi Redmi Note can be done in 2 ways: via the settings menu and by pressing the key combination. The first way is used if the device can access the normal and the second method is used if it can not get into the settings menu.

Some of the reasons to do a hard reset, the device hangs, corrupt firmware, the device will be sold. Read the rest of this entry »

how to fix mount warning link2sd

Link2sd is an android app to put apps downloaded applications on external memory card / sdcard. By default, each new application is installed on android will be placed in the internal memory of android devices. The purpose of this link2sd application to make room on the internal memory that is not full.

Link2SD applications often display an error message “mount warning” after booting or restarting Read the rest of this entry »

How to lock and unlock your phone with face scan

Maybe some of us are getting tired of the PIN, Password and Pattern security to unlock and lock the phone. How to lock your phone with face scan. When the phone is locked, to unlock it you just need to direct your face to the camera.

I have tried it and it is fun. Some of the disadvantages of using this application: Can not be used in place of dark or low light, however there are three alternatives provided if facescan fails to detect a Read the rest of this entry »

Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Factory reset

How to hard reset the Huawei Ideos s7 slim through an external button. Doing a hard reset Huawei is less simple than the hard reset samsung devices. Keep in mind to do a hard reset will erase all existing data in the internal memory, personal settings, and downloaded applications. Setting the device will be returned to the initial setting or factory default settings. Read the rest of this entry »

Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT-S7580 Factory Data Reset

The way to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT-S7580 and restore it to factory default settings.  It will erase all data on your device include settings and downloaded apps. So make sure to backup your important data before do this, because It will restore your device to factory settings  and the data can not be recovered after that.

It will perform via external hardware keys by pressing combinations of keys, follow this steps: Read the rest of this entry »